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Do you dream of creating your own colouring book? We can help!

Christmas Creativity Mini Colouring Book by Crystal Salamon

Past Projects

Student art transformed into a beautiful fundraising book.

Local attractions and businesses worked together to create a powerful tourism tool.

Best-selling colouring books by Crystal Salamon launched a successful business and now sell worldwide.

Our Services

We will transform your designs into a high quality colouring book people will treasure.

Hand Drawing Ignite Colouring Book


Is your art not digital? Not sure if it's colouring-friendly? We can digitize and refine your designs. Every page deserves to shine.

Does your copy (writing) need help, too? We can do that!

Awakening Colouring Book by Crystal Salamon

Cover Design

Books ARE judged by their cover.

Do you need a cover design? Or maybe you'd like feedback on your own design?

We'll help your book look professional and stand out.


Do you want a professionally published book?

We know the process inside and out and make it simple for you.


You put so much love into your designs. Don't risk them looking like photocopies or your book looking inconsistent or cheap.

We ensure all books are beautiful quality and printed right here in Canada.

Why Choose Us


We specialize in creating best-selling, high quality colouring books. It's what we do!


Our experience and knowledge in the colouring book industry make things easy for you.


Your is book is your dream! Bringing it to life is our passion! We share the excitement with you every step of the way, making the process fun!

What are you waiting for? Let's bring YOUR book to life!